Welcome! Because May is my birth month, I'd love to give back to the Universe all the love and support I have been blessed with in the past 30 years by doing lots and lots of valuable free training!

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3 Ways to Generate More Coaching Clients and Online Course Students (May 22, 10AM)

I've been marketing online courses and digital products for years and with more Filipinos owning their space as a coach to make an impact to other countrymen, I want to be able to share with you what I know.

In this webinar, i share with you the 3 effective ways to generate more coaching clients and online course students to help coaches reach more people to support.

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Nail Your Messaging and Make Your Ads Convert (May 29, 10AM)

While most people consult to me for Facebook ads, in this webinar we'll go beyond the ads.

This webinar will focus on what makes ads work (and not work) in the first place which is your messaging.

Leave this webinar with a clear way on how to to improve your FB ads and social posts through improved messaging.